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Abc Bartending  offers the best, most complete, and easiest Bartender Training Program available

 You wIll not find a more complete course anywhere.
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Upon Enrollment you will receive your confirmation and class details along with instant access to our class.  You can take as long as you want if you have a busy schedule to work around. You may go back to any sections as frequently as you would like throughout your course. 

Bartender Training Package: Upon successful completion of the bartending exam 

 with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive a "ABC Bartender Certification" 



Why learn bartending?

Learn Bartending and become a "CERTIFIED BARTENDER" in Two Weeks. If you have ever thought about becoming a bartender, then now may be the time.

-The demand for bartending jobs actually increases in a slowing economy. No matter how bad the economy is doing, people are always going to want to go out and eat, drink, and have a good time. This is good news for graduating students because there will always be ample job opportunities.
-Bars are always busy. People enjoy the bar atmosphere when they are celebrating good times, or to lift there spirits in bad times. Bartending is known as a "Recession Proof" Career. Many bars offer benefits and a high rate of pay. Many people are giving up there traditional jobs to BARTEND.


Tired of sitting behind a desk?

    * Stop bringing your lunch to work
    * Stop looking at the clock every hour
    * Stop working only to get paid
    * Take your social life to a new level
    * Meet new people every day
    * Work in a surrounding that fits your desired lifestyle
    * Work flexible hours
Learn all the techniques and popular drinks such as:
Martinis          Shots          Margaritas

Work in Restaurants, Hotels, Sports Bars, Night clubs, Country clubs, and even Cruise Ships!

Have Fun, Make Money, Meet People