ABC Bartending School
Placement Service


At course completion, we provide  job placement assistance to all graduates. There are literally thousands of bartender jobs throughout the country. The demand for Certified Bartenders has grown year after year. Bartending is a high paying job, full and part time. Our graduates work in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, night clubs, golf country clubs,
sports bars and parties.

If you are looking to work in a full time or part time Bartending job, the average pay is $50-$150 CASH take home pay and and hourly pay check per week. Bartenders work on average a 4 to 6 hour shift. These shifts can start as early as lunch and go as late as 2am. This job has flexible hours. You may be a college student, a single parent, lost or got laid off from your job of many years or someone in need of a job who needs a flexible hours.

We provide assistance on the last day of graduation and on a continuous basis. Your textbook will have a chapter dedicated on interviewing skills as well. You will feel coomfortable working behind a bar at course completion and be able to go out and work as a bartender in any type of bar.